I started brownmamas.com and Pittsburgh Brown Mamas because I began a journey to enjoy motherhood and I wanted to find out if others Black moms where enjoying their journey too.  Well they are! What started as 3 moms getting together on weekends has ballooned into a fully functioning support group that host bi-weekly meet-ups and events.  In short, I’m having tons of fun with my new mama-friends.  What’s great about this is I feel like I’m thriving now, and I’m hoping to inspire other moms-of-color to do the same.

On my blog/website/notebook (whatever makes you comfortable) I write about a myriad of things.  Raising my three boys, homeschooling, my relationship with my hubby, guides to living in Pittsburgh, running  Pittsburgh Brown Mamas and the #GoodMama Campaign, as well as gardening and just being me.  I know that’s a mouthful.  But, that’s me.  I do a lot.  I’m known as a motherhood advocate in Pittsburgh and just finished reclaiming a vacant lot in my neighborhood.  This year, I’m beginning a journey to home school my two younger sons. I’m not sure how this will go, but I will surely blog about it along the way.

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