An Author that Champions Black Motherhood

I started back in 2012 on a mission to prove something I already knew:

Black Moms are Excellent Moms.

I was tired of waiting for a newscaster, awards program or magazine to say what my mother taught me through her daily actions. That’s how Brown Mamas was born.  In 2012, I started highlighting Black moms in the #GoodMama Campaign.  (A monthly blog post that reports on Black mothers who are excelling at raising and rearing their children.)  Now, Pittsburgh Brown Mamas is a dynamic support group of over 3,000 for Black moms in the Pittsburgh region.  We get together monthly to support each other in our motherhood journeys.

Writing a Blueprint…

After 5 years of writing at, I knew moms needed something more.  I was constantly getting inbox questions and messages.  At the same time, I was growing as a mother, I was happy and excited about life and it was time for me to share more.

In 2018, I published my first book The Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love & Home. The book focuses on helping Black Moms:

  • Efficiently manifest your life’s purpose on a timeline that is conducive to raising happy, healthy and well-rounded children.
  • Engage in productive relationships from a place of self-love and abundance, rather than control and lack.
  • View your home and the role of being a brown mama for what it really is: your own personal breeding ground for self-mastery.

This book is groundbreaking in the Black community as very few authors have taken on the task of inviting Black mothers to empower themselves through, not despite of, motherhood.

Popular articles…

Brown Mamas’ boast nearly 10K pageviews per month and a collective following of over 10,000 readers via social media and email.  Through Brown Mamas, I’ve worked with companies like IKEA, Giant Eagle, Chick-fil-a, Groupon and JCPenney.  Here are some of the articles I am most proud of.

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