I started brownmamas.com and Pittsburgh Brown Mamas because I began a journey to enjoy motherhood and I wanted to find out if others Black moms where enjoying their journey too.  Well they are! What started as 3 moms getting together on weekends has ballooned into a fully functioning support group that host bi-weekly meet-ups and events.  In short, I’m having tons of fun with my new mama-friends.  What’s great about this is I feel like I’m thriving now, and I’m hoping to inspire other moms-of-color to do the same.

On my blog/website/notebook (whatever makes you comfortable) I write about a myriad of things.  Raising my three boys, homeschooling, my relationship with my hubby, guides to living in Pittsburgh, running  Pittsburgh Brown Mamas and the #GoodMama Campaign, as well as gardening and just being me.  I know that’s a mouthful.  But, that’s me.  I do a lot.  I’m known as a motherhood advocate in Pittsburgh and just finished reclaiming a vacant lot in my neighborhood.  This year, I’m beginning a journey to home school my two younger sons. I’m not sure how this will go, but I will surely blog about it along the way.

Best Laptops of 2015

Following the advent of the iPad just over six years ago, analysts were expecting laptops to be ousted by tablets by now. Fortunately for PC makers, that never happened. In fact, with the recent debut of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update alongside new AMD and Nvidia graphics cards and Intel’s new Kaby Lakeprocessors, the best laptops on the market continue to thrive.

Between thin, light and stylish budget notebooks, like the HP Chromebook 13, and thick, robust powerhouse computers, like the MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro, laptops are on their way up rather than out. They’re still the best when it comes to image editing, while laptops even continue to thrive in other areas, such asgaming and word processing.

Nevertheless, finding a laptop that suits your needs doesn’t come easy considering all there is to choose from. Those seeking the fast and fanless will be enticed by Ultrabooks, though heavy-duty performance hogs may necessitate for i7 processors and discrete GPUs. Meanwhile, if you fancy flexibility, perhaps a convertible 2-in-1 laptop is in the cards.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve gathered the best laptops around and narrowed them down to a list of 15 below.

How to Clean a Glass Table

Window cleaning is one of those tasks that begs to be hired out — all that spraying and reaching and wiping, and you end up with a mess of streaks that catch the light just so.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Cleaning glass, whether it’s a window or a mirror or a coffee table, is more about the tools than the elbow grease. With the right stuff in your bucket, you can get your glass streak-free.

I love giving my table that streak-free shine!

Here, five tips that can get you to that sweet spot, the first of which is as basic as it gets: If you’re diluting your cleaner, dilute it with something clean.