Meet Muffy

By making moms better moms, we make dads better dads, children become better adults, and ultimately communities become better communities.

– Muffy Mendoza

I love to think most days that I am just a mom.  I do what moms do everyday; cook, clean, tend to the children and support my husband.  But, reality is that motherhood is the foundation on which great nations are built.  The work that I, and every other mother I know, embarks upon each day has created the very fiber upon which our nation is built.  It is cultural work, it is meaningful work, it is POWERFUL work.

If you want to know about me, look at the woman who has had the greatest impact on your life and you will find me in her eyes and she in mine.

Muffy is  a mama on a mission. She runs  a support group of over 3,000 Black mothers called Pittsburgh Brown Mamas.  They meet up monthly to support one another in their motherhood journeys, host events, raise funds for worthy causes and go about the real work of rebuilding Black communities.  Together Muffy and the Mamas have built a support group that touches the lives of over 3,000 Black moms in Pittsburgh.  These women buy each other groceries, introduce each other to educational opportunities and support one another in the trials and triumphs of life.  Ask any Black mom in Pittsburgh, PBM is DYNAMIC!

Brown Mamas is not just a support group, for Muffy it is an enterprise.  Through her t-shirt line, books, the Annual Brown Mama Monologues, speaking engagements and various other facets of Brown Mamas, Muffy seeks to spread the word that Black Moms are the Best Moms, Too.

Pittsburgh Brown Mamas recently received funding via the Steel City’s Sprout Fund to run the year-long Diverse Mothering Initiative focused on building a supportive community of Black mothers in the region and offering programming that works toward developing positive mothering techniques.  Similarly, Muffy also ran a one-day Mastering Motherhood Workshop in summer of 2015 funded by One North Side.  In addition, she has received an AWESOME Pittsburgh grant to continue the work of empowering moms.

In addition to her calling to serve as an advocate for Black mothers, Muffy is an avid gardener. She has served as a community ambassador for Observatory Hill through GTECH, an organization committed to improving environmental outcomes in the region.  Muffy reclaimed a vacant lot to act as a welcoming space for mothers in her neighborhood.  She continues to work toward beautifying the space and is hoping to inspire other Black mothers to use gardening as a tool toward raising healthy children and self-sufficient households.  In 2017, Mom’s Place, as she calls it, will be working toward birthing a food and herb garden that can act as a health and wellness greenspace for our community.


As a public speaker in Pittsburgh, Muffy consistently spreads the message that family holds the key to unlocking answers to systemic poverty, mis-education and economic depression in Black communities.  She is a TEDX Speaker and has spoken at various venues across the city. Check out her videos page for more.  In addition, she produces the annual show the Brown Mama Monologues to give other African-American mothers the opportunity to share their stories live, on-stage. In it’s first year, 2018, the show was attended by over 200 area moms.  The coming years will bring only more growth.

In addition, Muffy is a new author of a life guide for Black moms, The Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love and Home.  The book focuses on helping Black moms to understand that motherhood is the course that will guide them toward becoming the game changers in their lives, homes and communities.

Just one month after The Brown Mama Mindset was published it was featured at the 2018 Essence Festival.

To top all of this off, Muffy host the premier website for Black mothers in Pittsburgh,  The site focuses on Muffy’s motherhood journey, motherhood advice on everything from relationships to homeschooling, as well as chronicling living as a mom-of-color in the nation’s most livable city.  Brown Mamas boast over 10,000 page-views per month.  She showcases Black mothers monthly through the #GoodMama Movement, as well.  The Brown Mamas’ blog has worked with both corporate and community partners such as Bolthouse Farms, JCPenney, the City of Pittsburgh Mayor’s Office and IKEA.

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